Logo Design

Logo Design - OSO Web Studio

Is your business in need of a new identity? Are you just starting out and trying to bring life to a new idea?  What you need is a new logo. We at OSO Web Studio can create for you the perfect logo that is both memorable and gives customers a true sense of your company upon first viewing.

Our team of designers can find the right symbol or text treatment to properly represent your company, one which you can be proud of upon every viewing.

We Get to Know You

To properly design a logo for your business, we have to get to know you and what your business represents. This process helps ensure that we capture the essence of your company and attitude the first time.

Multiple Options

Our design process culminates in a presentation of multiple logo options from which you can choose.  This allows you the confidence that you are making the right choice.

Multiple Applications

A logo must look good on a business card, letterhead, website, product tags, sign and in almost any other application representing your business.  We keep this in mind, noting how a logo design will appear when really small and large, next to a texture and blank screen.

Whether you are in Connecticut or North Carolina, allow OSO Web Studio to bring your business to life with a fresh, new logo.  Call us today!