Portal and API Integration

OSO-APIOptimum Systems Online can integrate outside portals and APIs into your website.  If you would like to add a particular functionality, specialty widget, or payment processing functionality, we can integrate this into your new or existing website.

This business-to-business feature can help you offer greater functionality to your online visitors, while you enjoy the benefits of a third-party’s system offerings.

Interact with an Outside Company

Would you like your website to offer an Amazon.com product through an affiliate program?  Would you like visitors who sign up for your mailing list to automatically have their names added to your ConstantContact email database?  How about giving your visitors the ability to make an appointment online and have the date/time automatically load into your calendar?  OSO can make this happen for your small business.

Add a Payment Gateway

To process credit cards, we can install the software of a third party system directly into your website, so customers can seamlessly make a purchase without leaving your website.

Would you like to find more about making your website interact seamlessly with other businesses and websites? Call us today to see how Portal and API Integration can benefit your business.