Promotional and Static Websites

OSO-StaticWebsiteOSO can create for you a static or promotional website for your business.  Whether your website hardly changes, or you would like to make updates on a daily basis, we can create the website to fulfill your needs.

Along with off the shelf website creation, we are willing to offer our clients a custom web design and development. We solve any tasks (even the most complicated ones) in the world of programming and website development. Each specialist in our team has experience in website development regardless their complexity and potential size. We guarantee that in the end you will be satisfied with the result.

Each  of our websites include a user-friendly back-end management system, through which you can make changes to each page of your website with little training knowledge.  Unlike other website companies, we do not believe in making web pages so complicated that you have to be a programmer to make a simple update.

Easy to Update Web Pages

Update your website as often as you want, anywhere on the go.  Add a “Today Only” promotional message with ease.

Training to Understand Your Back-end System

Optimum Systems Online wants you to have the freedom to change your own website.  To help you do so, we provide custom training to you and your staff to ensure everyone knows how to make updates as needed.

Adaptable Designs and Functionality

One size does not fit all, and we don’t expect your website to either!  OSO’s designs and functionality are customized to your needs, and created to be easily adapted as your needs change over time.