Loading… Loading… Do your customers feel like they’re in the 90s when they visit your website? 40% of consumers will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. If you know your site loads slower than 3 seconds, then you know that you’re losing leads. You need to learn how to
With a 3,800% return, email marketing continues to be a marketing method that works and is extremely effective. When your company uses email marketing best practices, your bottom line will thank you. How do you know when you’re using the most effective strategies for your email marketing campaigns in 2019? Continue reading this article to
Artificial intelligence impacts the world as a whole, but digital marketing especially. We’re a long way from Rosie the robot or Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, but AI is the future of digital marketing. Every decision we make online from what products we choose to what search queries we use is seen by AI. Businesses use
The biggest obstacle facing businesses today is their social media reputation management. Everything is online, and nine times out of 10 a customer is going to look you up before deciding if they are going to use your business.  With everyone posting reviews and writing blogs, your online reputation will affect the number of people who frequent your
Are you interested in learning more about digital marketing metrics? Then you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that a 20% to 40% bounce rate on your emails is considered good? 40% to 55% is considered average. But how are you supposed to know these things if you’re not a digital guru? Which
Launched a website or a Facebook page for your business? Congratulations! You made the first big step tapping into the online market. It should also mark the beginning of a new method to attract customers to your brick-and-mortar locations. However, having an online store is simply the beginning. After all, your competition likely has one
You have an award-winning website, right? It’s well-designed and you have more traffic than you can handle. Or not. No hurt feelings intended but the average small business doesn’t have an award-worthy website.  Most wouldn’t even qualify for an honorable mention. Are you familiar with web design? Maybe you have a home-grown website, which is
Every business magazine, book on startups, or business coach worth the name will tell you that you need a website. A website has become one of the fixed requirements that all businesses must meet to survive. Many of these same sources will even give you some advice about setting your site up. They discuss the